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Corporate Beekeeping

We offer corporate beekeeping services to businesses looking to promote sustainability, education, and community engagement.

We work with companies of all sizes to design and manage on-site beehives that serve as living classrooms for employees, customers, and community members.

Our corporate beekeeping services include hive installation, maintenance, and educational workshops led by an experienced beekeeper.

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What are Corporate Beekeeping Programs?

A corporate beekeeping program is one of many different ways a company can fulfill their corporate sustinability initiative.

These iniatives are aimed to highlight a company's dedidcation to promoting their environmental and social well-being. This program involves partnering with local beekeeping organizations to establish and maintain beehives on company-owned land or rooftops.

How it works

  • 1. Our team will assess your needs

    We'll work together to understand your goals, examine if your property is suitable for bees, and create a tailored plan to ensure that you are more than satisfied.

  • 2. Hive installation and complete care

    Our services encompass the installation, comprehensive maintenance and care to ensure the continued well-being of your bee population.

  • 3. Engage in team building activities

    Explore the fascinating world of beekeeping and bees, all while building team camaraderie and spirit alongside our beekeeping specialist.

  • 4. Enjoy local honey and measure your impact

    Savor the taste of your own honey, receive personalized honey jars and gain insight into the progress of your bee colonies and the positive influence of your program on the environment.

The Benefits

Corporate Sustainability Program

A great way for a company to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and social responsibility in a unique setting.

Protecting Honeybees

They provide a safe and accessible habitat for honeybees, which can help to combat the decline in bee populations caused by habitat loss, pesticides, and other threats.

Increasing Employee Engagement

This program provides a wonderful opportunity for employees to learn more about sustainability and each other while giving back to their local community.

Supporting Local Agriculture

Bees play a crucial role in pollinating crops, and corporate beekeeping programs can contribute to the production of local, sustainable food sources by providing an additional source of pollinators for nearby crops.

Client Testimony

"Beesphere was a great find and one of the best projects I have carried out, and it was all made so easy with how Mike carries his business. It is also at a fair price which is hard to come by. I would never hesitate to recommend Beesphere to a business, a family, or a friend!"

- Daniella Maggio

Global Environmental Sustainability Specialist @IFF