Our Mission

Our mission is to promote sustainable beekeeping practices and protect the health and well-being of honeybee populations through community engagement, hive management, and knowledge sharing. We strive to empower individuals and organizations to take action in support of pollinators and create a world where bees and humans can thrive together.

Our 3 Core Values


We understand the value of mentorship. Beekeeping can be a challenging and complex practice, and having a mentor to guide you through the process can be invaluable. Through mentorship, we hope to help new beekeepers build confidence and become successful in their endeavors.

Knowledge Sharing

We understand how essential information is in becoming a successful beekeeper. In a world where faulty facts are prevalent, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable information. We hope to inspire a new generation of beekeepers who are passionate about learning and working together to ensure the future of honey bees.

Building a Community

We recognize the value of bringing together individuals who share a passion for beekeeping and who can learn from one another's experiences. Our goal is to create a space where beekeepers can connect with each other and build relationships that extend beyond just beekeeping.

Our Team

Mike Banker holding frame of bees

Mike Banker

Mike has been involved in beekeeping for over a decade. He holds a Master Beekeeper Certification from Cornell University and a Commercial Queen Rearing Certification from the University of Montana, and also teaches Beginner Beekeeping classes at the Cornell Small Farms Extension. In addition, Mike has built up a positive reputation in the local beekeeping community through his various hive management and beekeeping related services.

Will Banker standing on field

Will Banker

Will has worked with Mike in the beekeeping space since 2013. In addition to learning the ins and outs of becoming a skilled beekeeper, he has also devoted time to elevating our digital presence and aspires to increase the growth of our brand and the reach of our message.