Frequently Asked Questions


What is hive management?

Hive management is the process of caring for honeybee colonies, ensuring that they are healthy and productive. This involves regular hive inspections to monitor the bees' health, behavior, and productivity, as well as taking action to prevent and treat diseases.

Where are the beehives installed?

The hives can be installed anywhere you'd like on your property. We do recommend a space with adquate sunlight and enough space for the beekeeper to move around in.

When do you install the beehives?

We typically install the hives in April and May (start of the season).

How frequently do beekeepers check on my hive?

We check the hives on a biweekly or monthly schedule depending on the state of the hive and the time of the year.

Do I need an electric fence?

We highly recommend using an electric fence to protect the hives from predators such as bears, raccoons, and other animals that can cause damage to the hive and harm the bees. The electric fence acts as a deterrent by delivering a mild electric shock to the predator, deterring it from approaching the hive.

How do I contact the beekeeper in case of an emergency?

We will provide you with our phone number and will be happy to help answer any questions you have or any issues that may arise.

Do you provide treatments to keep the hives healthy?

Yes we do provide treatments to keep the hives healthy. Our treatments are sourced from organic and natural ingredients, and are in compliance with industry standards for ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices.

What locations do you operate in?

Currently, we only operate out of northern/central New Jersey.

Can you extract honey for me?

Yes! We extract the excess honey that the beehives produced and deliver the honey directly to you.


Why are honeybees vital to the environment?

Honeybees are essential pollinators, playing a crucial role in the reproduction of many of the plants that make up our food supply and support natural ecosystems. Without honeybees, food production would be severely impacted, and ecosystems would become less diverse and resilient.

Do colonies survive the winter?

Whether bee colonies survive the winter depends on several factors, including the health and strength of the colony, the availability of food and water, and the severity of weather conditions. While some bee colonies are able to survive the winter by conserving energy and forming tight clusters, others may not survive due to factors such as disease, or inadequate preparation. Therefore, whether bee colonies survive the winter can vary from year to year and from colony to colony.

Where do you source the bees from?

We use both Italian and Russian bred honeybees, however, we are constantly improving our breeding and selection criteria to arrive at the best combination of desirable traits.

Is beekeeping safe?

Beekeeping is a very safe and enjoyable hobby when proper precautions are taken. We strive to make beekeeping a safe and positive experience!