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Beehive Electric Bear Fence

Beehive Electric Bear Fence

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One complete electric fence designed to protect your valuable beehives from bears.  This is not a structural fence that a bear can scale but one whose sole purpose is to deliver a strong electric jolt to a curious and hungry bear.  It can be setup in less than an hour and doesn't require digging post holes, mixing concrete, or any special skills.

After purchase you will be sent a link with full step-by-step installation instructions including a video. 

While no electric fence is 100% bear proof, we have set up dozens of these for our customers and have yet to have a breach.  

The kit includes everything you need to get up and running including polytape, grounding rods and clamps, step-in fiberglass posts, gate handles, hookup wires, connectors, t-post bracket and hardware, electric fence warning sign, and a voltage tester.  While you can shape the fence footprint however you like using the 9 included posts, we typically go with a 20'x10' or 30'x15' size, depending on how many hives you have.

Select either the Solar or Hardwired charger.  Note that the hardwired charger requires access to an AC power source. Use the solar charger if there is no AC power available in the fence location.

Note: The only item not included is a 6' T-Post for mounting the charger.  Shipping this part is just too expensive due to it's size and weight, but they are readily available at your local Home Depot, Lowes, or Tractor Supply for about $10.

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